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Digital Tachograph

Make Compliance Easy

With an easy-to-use cloud platform and built-in checks, you know if you comply with the United Kingdom regulations and if your company and drivers are at risk or not. With automatic remote downloading, all information is updated in real-time, eliminating the need for either the truck or the driver to be present. Get alerts for expiring company cards, driver cards, expiration of legal downloading periods, and more by setting up email notifications.

Your Territory Your Rule

You’ll have a powerful tool to manage, control, and check your companies’ digital tachograph files. 

Tachograph compliance simplified

Remotely download tachograph files to assist with compliance, decrease vehicle downtime, and streamline day-to-day operations.

Increased automation. Less commotion.

With our tachograph software, you can ensure that remaining compliant doesn't hinder staying productive. Automate remote downloads of driver card and vehicle files and gain direct access to VTrack tracker.

Remote downloads

Good news – you no longer need to have the vehicle physically present to get the latest tachograph readings. Download up-to-date files via the internet without disrupting the driver, helping employers to monitor a driver’s hours and assign new jobs within safe driving limits.

See everyone on a single map.

With the help of real-time map integration, you can easily view

  • Drivers' current location and status
  • Drivers nearing the legal limit
  • The most effective delivery alternatives

Smart hardware. Trustworthy Data.

V Track's cutting-edge tracking technology connects to your vehicle's tachograph and feeds data to the database. Improve your fleet management by using: Updates to driver ID and status Vehicle and engine information.

Simplify your life with a complete end-to-end solution.

Our digital tachograph solution is part of V Track's full suite of solutions, which includes driver coaching, fuel card management, and vehicle tracking.