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Enterprise Fleet Management

VTrack - Enterprise Vehicle Tracking Software for Large Vehicles

All-in-One Vehicle Tracking System to help your business achieve operational control.

Enterprise Fleet Tracking System to Manage Vehicles and Assets

VTrack allows the companies to connect their resources across multiple location e.g. Office and On-field vehicles and assets. VTrack completely changes your companies operations of vehicle and assets. It helps in improvement of fleet performance and also encourage driver safety and reduce the operational costs massively.

Enterprise Fleet Tracking
vehicle tracking system

VTrack Helps Ensure Driver Safety

View stored video footage such as videos, snapshots/pictures of rash driving events, terrible incidents, and accidents in almost real-time within minutes of the occurrence. With proper unbiased undeniable video clips/images, VTrack helps owners, managers, or law enforcement agencies to understand and know the reasons and severity of the incident/damages and how the incident/accident occurred. It will surely improve driver safety and train drivers to perform better and drive safely while performing their jobs.

VTrack Ensures Driver Punctuality and Timely Job Completion

Our Enterprise Fleet Tracking System will improve your company’s worker safety with professional driver training and scorecards. VTrack optimizes your driver’s job scheduling for better productivity and to take timely, accurate, and better decisions.
VTrack Provides:

enterprise fleet management

Simplify compliance standards

Our business fleet tracking system may help you save time and money by reducing paperwork, making compliance easier for drivers, keeping logs in case of a roadside inspection, and staying on top of ever-changing rules.​

Ensure Driver safety with an app

With our driver management app, you can create a realistic and successful driver safety program that uses a point-based system to encourage your staff to drive safely. They’ll be able to check in regularly, watch safety training videos, and compare their safety ratings to company-wide benchmarks and other drivers using their cellphones or tablets.

vehicle tracking system

Better enhance driver routes and schedules

With intelligent planning, dispatching, and strategic forecasting, you can enhance the travel routes of your drivers and boost customer happiness.

Your technology and resources are integrated with enterprise fleet tracking

Integrate your fleet and worker management platform with other technologies your company has purchased. With mobile apps, you can ensure that your employees, drivers, and fleet managers can work on the move.

enterprise fleet management

VTrack’s Compatibility

VTracks works with your company’s current assets. Also, our system has OEM partners that can ensure no charges for installation with timely delivery.