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Be a better productive delivery-route planner

VTrack’s fleet tracking solutions provide the insight you need for delivery route optimization, as well as data to train driver behavior, manage fuel costs, and track vehicle maintenance.

Key Advantages

Safety and driver behavior

Support safety goals on all your delivery routes

Transport businesses must prioritize safety for both their drivers and other road users. Our fleet tracking systems enable you to keep track of driver behavior so you can reward safe driving and avoid costly collisions.

Efficiency and cost savings

Save money with increased fuel efficiency

Fuel prices might be the most expensive part of your budget. GPS tracking for delivery trucks not only improves route efficiency, but it also aids in the reduction of fuel-wasting driving practices. Our tools assist you in the following ways:


Assist in reducing unplanned downtime and productivity loss

Planned maintenance keeps your fleet in better shape and lowers your expenditures. Maintenance is concerns may be addressed with VTrack solutions before they become a problem.

Trailer tracking

Get to Know where your trailers are with asset tracking

Manually locating trailers might result in missed time or career possibilities. Our delivery route planner solutions enable you to keep track of all trailers and locate them quickly.

Visibility and Routing

Enhance route efficiency with near real time fleet tracking

You can dispatch more effectively, enhance customer service, and spend less time phoning drivers for updates if you know where they are at all times. Our distribution routing software assists you in the following ways: