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All-in-one Solution for Flower Delivery Businesses

Easy to use Flower Delivery System to streamline your Flower Business.

Why Quik Delivery Software?

Professional Website & Mobile Apps Developers, Helping Flower Delivery Businesses Around UK.

Customizable Website and Mobile Apps

Customizable Web and Apps will surely take your flower delivery business to the next level by fully digitalizing all the business processes.

Instant Deployment

Getting our fully customizable, prebuilt, ready to deploy online flower delivery system will help you in saving your time and money.

All-in-one Flower Delivery System

Easily handle all your business operations from a single Delivery System’s dashboard without any hassle.

Get Your Own Brand’s App

We will fully customize your Flower Delivery Company’s App with your logos, images, your own personalized customer experience, and much more.

Increase Your Sales with Better Marketing Campaigns

Drive more sales, orders and increase the number of your customers by earning their loyalty through giving discounts and by running effective promotional campaigns.

Get Fully Customizable App

We will fully customize your Flower Delivery Business App according to your requirements.

Accurate Route Optimization

Our System will save delivery costs & time through automated route planning. Your Flower Delivery Business will be able to handle more and more customers by completing more deliveries & fully satisfying your customers with timely deliveries.

Business Analytics for Better Customer Service

Our analysis reports & dashboards will allow you to know your new and returning customers, their locations & demographics, their upcoming celebrations and occasion, for instance, Anniversary, Birthday, and much more. You will get the most important stats and information related to your customer in one place to give them time and world-class services.

In-App Chat Function

Handle Your Customers by Integrating chat module inside your customizable web or mobile apps to give the timely answer and provide proper guidance to your customers.

Easy Platform for Customer to Place an Order

Use Quik Delivery Software and provide your customers world-class features to search & filter and choose products best matched with their interests. Our easy-to-use system will let your customers quickly select and order online without any obstacles. We will ensure you provide uninterrupted service to your customers in a timely and cost-effective way on their doorsteps.

Easy Customer Management

Quik Delivery Software CRM will let you manage your customer database e.g., details, in a centralized system. This will help you manage your clientele more smartly with accurate and up-to-date customer details, which will save time and effort.

Order Updates and Real-time Delivery Tracking

Our Flower Delivery System will allow your customers, in real-time, to track orders & to get updates regarding the current status of their delivery. It will ensure the secure and timely delivery of their order.

Driver APP

Best App for Your On-Field Team to Operate Easily Without Any Hassle

Order Notifications

It will let your team keep an eye on new orders or updates regarding any old/ongoing orders. Your company’s delivery driver will also receive on-screen and audio notifications for the real-time alerts related to order arrival or assigning to him.

Route Optimization for Quick and Accurate Delivery

Our state-of-the-art delivery system will suggest currently free drivers and safe & shortest routes to drivers to make quick deliveries. It will also allow drivers to complete more and more delivery jobs on time with complete accuracy.

Monitoring Order Fulfilment Status

Our system will monitor order delivery status for completed, ongoing, and upcoming deliveries. The system will show all completed deliveries. Driver Apps will let your driver close his delivery jobs on hand after successfully fulfilling the order. And he will know quickly about upcoming job.

Smartly Manage Your Deliveries with Customizable Dashboards

Customizable dashboard gives you complete control of system, overview of orders and accurate stats & analysis

Manage Everything at Single Place

Manage every order easily from delivery partners, aggregators, change offerings. The system will let you manage your online orders quickly and enable/disable outlet locations. All that on a single dashboard screen for better handling of operations.

Monitor Your Company & Team’s Performance

Quick Delivery Software will let you keep an eye on all the deliveries, service ratings & customers reviews of your delivery service. It will also allow you to monitor delayed orders, driver performances, stats & much more. It will surely help you manage your business smartly for better results and higher revenue generation.

Sales Reports and Analysis Reports

Quick Delivery Software will allow you to get reports quickly related to sales, drivers’ performance, orders status, and other analysis reports. Sales reports will help you identify the possible opportunities & KPIs to grow and boost your business with accurate accounting details.

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