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installing a vehicle tracker

The main benefits of installing a vehicle tracker on personal vehicles;

  • Improved vehicle security and theft recovery
  • Real-time location of the vehicles – on demand
  • Fuel management and reduced fuel costs
  • Improved driving performance
  • Easier route planning

Additional benefits of installing trackers on vehicles in a business fleet;

  • Increased efficiency and job completion rates
  • Improved fleet vehicle and driver safety
  • Pre-emptive vehicle maintenance management
  • Faster customer service
  • Lower overall costs

Key features to look for before buying a Vehicle Tracker;

  • Design and features of the tracker
  • On-demand Real-time tracking
  • Location update intervals
  • Monitoring capabilities and Mobile APP
  • Costs & Support

Our Unique Features

Speed Alerts:

Try to choose a GPS provider that lets you set alerts for speeding, such as if a driver is travelling over the legal speed limit. Alerts should be delivered via SMS, email and smartphone notifications.

Ignition on/off alert:

Alerts for when the vehicle engine is turned on or off.

Route history log:

You should choose a provider that saves and stores to routes taken by a vehicle. Detailed route history should be easily accessible to manage a fleet properly.

Geo-fence zones:

Geo-fence zones are virtual boundaries on the map that you can draw to get a notification when a vehicle breaches that zone.

Smart notifications:

Instant notifications should be delivered right on your smartphone, free of charge.

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