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Explore fleet tracking to manage vehicles, drivers and cargo

Our Haulage GPS monitoring assists you in managing all of the complicated requirements of an HGV fleet. Maintain compliance, manage fuel expenditures and idling, and monitor and coach your drivers' behavior. All of these features perform by using them on a single platform:

Key Advantages

vehicle tracking system

Driver retention

Enhance driver productivity and satisfaction

HGV drivers should have access to GPS that is simple to use and improves their productivity. Our fleet tracking software includes the following features to help you maintain and hire exceptional drivers:

Digital tachograph

Compliance with tachographs has never been easier

With VTrack’s tachograph software, you can ensure that being compliant gets in the way of staying productive.


Improve vehicle upkeep and train your drivers

Rough driving habits might result in accidents and car damage. Coach your drivers on safer driving habits using GPS vehicle monitoring features like driver scorecards and our dashcam solution. You can also assist in reducing vehicle wear and tear.

Customer service

Enhance customer service with more accurate ETAs

As a consequence of enhanced contact with drivers and improved insight into vehicle position with GPS monitoring, your clients will appreciate more precise delivery windows.


Trailer tracking

Assist in the protection of valuable assets

Don't squander any more time looking for a trailer. Asset tracking helps figure out where your trailers are and increase overall security.