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FORS Silver and Gold Vehicle Compliance Equipment

FORS Compliance

The fleet operator recognition scheme (FORS)

The fleet operator recognition scheme (FORS) is a program that aims to assist transportation, haulage, and other fleet operators better their standards of quality and safety while also taking into account the impact of their operations on the environment.

Diamond haulage system: Partner in FORS compliance vehicle technology

All FORS-accredited freight operators are dedicated to raising safety standards while lowering the environmental effect of their operations across the UK. Transport and haulage companies will gain in a variety of ways by enhancing the efficiency of their fleet:

Fleet safety and visibility: The haulier will be able to view and learn from real-time and historical recordings recorded while their vehicles are on the road thanks to Diamond Haulage System’s vehicle camera system. Any road incidents, mishaps, and learning may be examined, and lessons/experience can be shared with other stakeholders to discuss best safety practices.

When your drivers utilize Diamond Haulage System’s vehicle dashboard monitor, they gain increased visibility around blind zones, giving them the tools and vision they need to safeguard themselves, your company, and other vulnerable road users.

When obstructions are present inside the vehicle’s blind spot zones, the near-side blind spot sensor gives the driver an audio warning. These notifications direct the driver’s attention, perhaps saving lives and preventing personal harm, which has a favorable influence on the company’s safety and insurance records.

Security and safety tools for your business: Diamond Haulage System’s FORS compliance solutions allow you to develop your business organically by gaining access to important projects and contracts that are only available to FORS compliant operators.

Diamond Haulage System’s broad list of FORS accredited transport, haulage and fleet operators benefit from the following outcomes:

  • A business that is set apart from its competitors
  • Reduced fuel consumption and increase efficiency through
  • improved driver awareness
  • An operation that complies with Industry leading standards
  • Access to greater industry ‘know how’ and networking opportunities
  • Exclusive access to driver and transport management training
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction

How can Diamond Haulage System assist you?

From FORS Bronze through FORS Silver to FORS Gold compliance
As a proponent of fleet efficiency, productivity, and environmental impact, Diamond Haulage System recognizes the value of Silver and Gold standards in assisting you in reducing, mitigating, and managing the risks associated with driving commercial vehicles in close proximity to vulnerable road users. Vehicle safety equipment, we believe, is critical in helping you reach these criteria.
FORS has established the following equipment requirements for fleet operators to follow in order to maintain their quality, safety, and environmental standards when running a fleet of vans, trucks, and plant, all of which contribute to the protection and safety of vulnerable road users:

  • Blind-spot camera
  • In-cab monitor
  • Close proximity warning sensors
  • Audible reversing system
  • Audible left turning warning