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GPS Asset Tracking

GPS Asset Tracking Software

With a single compelling solution, you can track and analyze all of your high-value assets. The power and simplicity of a single platform give your business efficiency gains that may exceed expectations. With GPS asset tracking software from V Track, you can monitor on-site assets and equipment while improving security, uptime, and utilization.

Asset tracking software and solutions

With a comprehensive asset tracking system that works for all of your high-value equipment, you can track the assets that power your business.

Equipment tracking

Track engine hours and maintenance for your heavy-duty equipment such as cranes, loaders, excavators and bulldozers.

Trailer tracking

Whether you are across town or the country, easily monitor your entire fleet from your office or on the go.

High-value asset tracking

Having the right tools for the job is just one side of the coin. Knowing that the right tools are there at the right time is another.

Easy tracking software

Set and forget. For non-powered or infrequently used assets, you can choose self-powered asset trackers with a battery life of up to four years.

Rental billing / project costs

Track asset usage by equipment to improve cost analysis and sharpen competitive bids for future projects. Increase the accuracy and efficiency to bill your consumers that rent your equipment.

Long battery life

It's time to reclaim control of the things that matter, and V Track asset tracking solutions can help with just that. And it's all part of the powerful V Track platform, a cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking solution that evolves and adapts to your company's needs.

Customization is the Key

Protect against unauthorized use

V Track asset tracking solutions allow you to:

Asset tracking devices

Quality GPS asset tracking devices provide comprehensive reporting to ensure you have the data you need when you need it. We design these to match your requirements and the challenges of your working environment.


By using GPRS cellular network data, you can instantly monitor the current location of your assets on the go. You can track your assets even when you are outside the cellular network. It provides convenience and ensures you are always connected and aware.

Asset tracking that goes where you go

Keep track of your assets even when you're not in the office with our mobile app for Apple and Android devices, which uses your location data to list nearby assets. You can also receive SMS notifications for events such as unauthorized usage or assets moving in or out of a particular area (geofence).

Shared Hosting

When you have complete visibility of your high-value assets, you can immediately spot project-critical equipment when it is required. Even if you have hundreds of assets, you can keep track of them all on a single web-based dashboard that groups various assets and allows for quick searching or tag filtering. View asset location, current status, and use history with the rest of your mobile workforce to understand how hard your equipment has been working.

Protect against unauthorized use

Set up geofence alerts to establish a virtual border around your assets to help safeguard them. You get a notification whenever an asset moves. Instant alerts enable you to notify law enforcement quickly, potentially limiting damages and speeding up asset recovery.


Our trackers are designed with the latest cutting-edge technology that is able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. The rugged GPS tracking devices come with IP67 protection so whether its raining or snowing, you can be assured that there is complete functionality.

Flexible configuration

Simply choose what you want to monitor and how frequently you want the GPS asset tracker to report — it's all up to you and your company's needs.