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Fleet tracking

Advanced vehicle tracking systems

It is an advanced GPS tracking device for vehicles, supported by dashcams and compliance solutions for all vehicles in your fleet.

Increase your fleet visibility with VTrack

Monitor in near real-time with a complete 360-degree view of your entire fleet’s daily movements and operations. This will help your company to reduce costs and increase productivity massively. VTrack lets you stay on top of vehicle maintenance and gives you complete ease of putting your total focus on running your business carefree.

Monitor activities and current status of your vehicles

Our VTrack software lets you see high-resolution maps with functions like smart clustering and on-demand details, that will provide a simple yet powerful vehicle tracking solution to help reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicles. The system will also show accurate ETAs. VTrack will allow you to proactively monitor your vehicle condition for better maintenance needs. It will also keep tabs on your company’s on-field mobile workforce and the equipment they are using.


Monitor and Analyse Your Fleet's Performance

Monitor important trends by your on-field team, office departments, or across all the vehicles in your fleet. VTrack lets you have your customizable dashboards to make it easy for you to review your progress towards your company’s KPIs or operational budgets & more. Dashboards allow you to keep up with up-to-the-minute fleet analytics when you need them most.

24/7 Support Available

From planning through implementation, integration, and training, we dedicate ourselves to helping you improve your results, your ROI, and your bottom line.

Improved Safety

Active alerts let you help your drivers perform well. Active leader boards utility allow you to encourage your workforce to compete for positions in the company by performing better through driving safely, economically, and efficiently.

Track Driver Behaviour

VTrack stores the videos footage/clips/picture of any harsh & bad driving events, accidents, mishaps within seconds of their occurrence. These can be later viewed to know how severe those occurrences were. The type of driving classification helps you improve driver safety and coach your drivers so such incidents/accidents won’t happen again. This will also help your company to mitigate risks and liability with undeniable evidence and unbiased footage.

Immobilisation Functionality

This functionality allows the system users to have safe, remote immobilization or shutdown features on their fleet vehicles. This function will help them with recovery and reduce improper use. This functionality ensures the driver's safety by putting the vehicle in immobilizing mode after parking.

Driver App

VTrack’s Driver Application is designed especially for Drivers. This mobile app allows your drivers to keep up with the assigned jobs, duties, routes, and more. Real-time alerts and announcements wherever you go. View vehicles and assets on a live map, locate a driver, see vehicle activity and route history, and receive alerts on driver behaviors.