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Vehicle Tracking System

Live status on company cars, vans, and trucks allows you to get more out of your fleet. Suitable for all vehicle types and fleet sizes including electric vehicles.


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The main benefits of installing a vehicle tracker on personal vehicles​

  • Improved vehicle security and theft recovery
  • Real-time location of the vehicles – on demand
  • Fuel management and reduced fuel costs
  • Improved driving performance
  • Easier route planning

Key Features

Live Tracking

Driver Timesheet

Geofencing Alerts

Fleet Management Tools

Management Reports

System Configuration

Dashcam Integration

Our Unique Features

Speed Alerts

Try to choose a GPS provider that lets you set alerts for speeding, such as if a driver is traveling over the legal speed limit. Alerts should be delivered via SMS, email and smartphone notifications.

Ignition on/off alert

Alerts for when the vehicle engine is turned on or off.
Instant notifications should be delivered right on your smartphone, free of charge.

Route history log

You should choose a provider that saves and stores to routes taken by a vehicle. Detailed route history should be easily accessible to manage a fleet properly.

Additional benefits of installing trackers on vehicles in a business fleet

  • Increased efficiency and job completion rates
  • Improved fleet vehicle and driver safety
  • Pre-emptive vehicle maintenance management
  • Faster customer service
  • Lower overall costs

Key features to look for before buying a Vehicle Tracker

  • Design and features of the tracker
  • On-demand Real-time tracking
  • Location update intervals
  • Monitoring capabilities and Mobile APP
  • Costs & Support

Intuitive and very good service. main features are friendly to use and the system itself is smart. Customer service is A1
Peter Hogan, Vtrack Client