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Customer Apps Privacy Policy:


The vehicle tracking devices have become a very important part of automobile industry with almost over 40% of the vehicles that have fitted trackers installed on them. V-track offers vehicle tracking device solutions to help the customers monitor their vehicles’ live location with added features such as observing idle time of the vehicle; fuel consumption etc. V-track offers their vehicle tracker solutions for all types of vehicles & industries including taxi and private hire industry. The tracking facility is offered through a fitted tracker that interacts with mobile apps and web portal. V-track users will have full control of various features provided within vehicle tracker system. V-track Solutions provided completely customizable solution to customer’s exact requirement. The software comes with lot of management reports and these can be standard reports.

V-track Solution understands and respects your concerns about the use of your personal information. We believe that you should know what information about you we collect, as well as how that information is used, maintained, and, in some cases, shared. The following sets forth our privacy practices and policies:

V-track Solutions (“App”) complies with the relevant laws and regulations and is committed to protecting your privacy during your use of our App.


In this Privacy Notice, unless the context otherwise requires, words and expressions defined in the Website Terms of Use shall have the same meaning when used in this Privacy Policy.

In this Privacy Notice, “we”, “us” and “our” means V-track Solution and “you” and “your” means you, the App user.
In addition to those defined words and expressions, references to:

“Personal Tracking Consumer” means any person(s) registered with us and being monitored through our personal tracking units.

“User” means the person using the App.

“Vehicle” means any vehicle(s) registered with us and being monitored through our vehicle(s) tracking units.

We use technologies like unique device identifiers to identify your device so we can deliver a better experience.


V-Track does not collect any personal information directly from users. We do not store or process any sensitive personal data, including names, addresses, contact details, or any other personally identifiable information.

A. Location Information

The location data provided by our application is retrieved from the server through secure API connections. We do not access or store the location information on our servers. The tracking facility is facilitated by a fitted tracker that interacts with the mobile app and web portal.

B. How We Use Information

V-Track solely uses the information obtained to provide our users with the designated tracking services. We do not share, sell, or disclose any information to third parties. The information collected is used exclusively for the purpose of enhancing user experience and improving our services.

C. User Control and Settings

V-Track users have full control over various features provided within the vehicle tracker system. V-track Solutions provided completely customizable solution to customer’s exact requirement. The software comes with lot of management reports and these can be standard reports to suit their individual preferences. Our commitment to user control ensures that you have the power to manage your tracking experience.

D. Security Measures

We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Our systems are designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information we collect.

E. Changes to Privacy Policy

V-Track reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Users will be notified of any significant changes, and the latest version of the Privacy Policy will be made accessible within the application.

F. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us at sales@vtracksolutions.co.uk .By using the V-Track application, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Thank you for choosing V-Track.

Note: Ensure that you tailor the privacy policy to comply with relevant laws and regulations, and consider seeking legal advice for a comprehensive review of your privacy policy.