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Construction and Heavy Equipment

A complete fleet solution for your dedicated assets

When managing a fleet of construction vehicles and heavy equipment, it’s critical to know where all of your assets are and how they’re doing. VTrack Solutions delivers a heavy equipment monitoring system that covers all aspects of vehicles, drivers, and assets.

Key Advantages

Visibility for productivity

Keep track of your vehicles and equipment

Crews and machinery that are an idle or under-utilized cost you money. You can see what's going on and where it's going on with VTrack Solutions, allowing you to make better educated resource decisions.

Job and worker management

Keep track of your hours for better payroll and client billing

You may collect labor hours automatically—and more accurately—with the data given by GPS monitoring for construction equipment, allowing your firm to run on superior data.


Get ahead of the game when it comes to accidents, growing insurance prices, and customer complaints

Your construction fleet's safety is critical to your company's success and image. Telematics for construction equipment can assist you in proactively addressing issues before they become more serious.

Asset utilization

Use a single method to keep track of your equipment and engine hours

With the increased visibility provided by a heavy-equipment monitoring system, you'll have the information you need to make more informed decisions about how equipment is used.


Improve your equipment availability

Unexpected failures can result in missed deadlines, revenue loss, and dissatisfied customers. Telematics for construction equipment can keep you informed about maintenance requirements and help you plan proactive repairs more efficiently.


Assist in the prevention of unauthorized usage and theft

Field-based high-value resources are appealing targets. With GPS construction equipment tracking, you may be notified of unauthorized activity at any time of day or night.