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Here at Diamond Haulage Software are filled with conversations and trips to bulk hauliers, where the team takes the time to learn about their processes. From there, a joint effort between Diamond Haulage Software and the bulk haulier identifies alternate (often better) ways for these transport/haulage companies to work so that their businesses may grow.

According to these talks, shifting paperwork such as collecting notes, delivery notes, PODs, and invoices consume a haulier’s day just as much as the job they do. This applied to a wide range of industries, from muck away to shifting aggregates, collaborating with TASCC, and transporting animal feed, powders, and liquids.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case!

Is your bulk haulage/bulk transport business still utilising a paper job diary? Do you find yourself writing the same information on your transport diary, collection notes, delivery notes, and garbage transfer notes on a regular basis? Are paper and administration taking more and more of your time and limiting the amount of time you and your staff have to spend on your business? Is your back office drowning under the weight of uncontrollable paper?

If this is the case, Diamond Haulage Software’s readily accessible and cost-effective bulk haulage software solutions will enable you to:

Improve your bottom line, cash flow, operations, and output

Diamond Haulage Software offers solutions for every sort of transport and haulage company, as well as the tools required to control, develop, and transition a business. The haulage transport software enables:

Online Customer Job Portal

Users of the Diamond Haulage Transport Management System may improve their offerings by connecting to the Customer Service Portal (CSP). All supply chain stakeholders, from supplier to consumer, may get a better understanding of the data around the delivery or pickup that you are completing.

The in-cab proof of delivery technology was created to enable complete control over the delivery process. The technology enables small to medium-sized hauliers to transition to a paperless system. As paper-based processes continue to be wasteful and inflexible, Diamond’s solutions take into consideration the realities of running a transportation firm.

With the brand-new Diamond signature capture software, you can improve your customer experience, quickly access completed paperwork for faster billing, and increase the safety and production of your operations and all this along with: